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SissyMmarshas Daily Sissy Blog

 SissyMmarshas Daily Sissy Blog


 Sept 23 2020 SC 25, chastity day : Yesterday was a real turning point the Sissy feelings were so intense.Today already feels like a strong SissyMmarsha day.

I have said this before,but have to again Sissification is not for Sissies, not for the faint of heart because it can be  a grueling process fraught with many misgivings. 

The strange thing to me is how accustomed I have become with the idea of becoming a Sissy. As the weeks past and I get use to the ebb and flow of Sissy emotions I fine the best way to keep any grip on the situation is not to fight my Sissyfication.

9695742 8UcUK3Y3DA1 - Sissy Mmarsha

This feeling cums over me and no stopping it until it is past!              Nyxi Leon so yummy!

 Sept 22 2020 SC 25, chastity day 1: I purged yesterday on the 21st, which did not last long! Truly  I am SissyMmarsha and I cannot be put down like a dog unless daddy wants me in that position ha ha. 

Yes very much another SissyMmarsha day! And...........


It really is crazy.............................

 Sept 20 2020 SC 25, chastity day 1: I started to purge last evening only my blog which I had a copy of on S.E.

I know I would!



            Sept 19 2020 SC 25, chastity day 1: I need to feed on seed daddy! Please fill SissyMmarshas mouth with your warm daddy-seed. 



Yes definitely a SissyMmarsha cum dump day!



This seems so true at some moments!




Sept 18 2020, SC 19, Chasity 2 day, SissyMmarsha says:

Yummy! Based on today This could be a wild Sissy foray into deep Sissydom. This could be it! No more Kram only SissyMmarshaSlut….Time for Daddy to let Mmarsha suck his hard cock!







Sept 17 2020, SC 19, Chasity 2 day, SissyMmarsha says: 

Good morning Sissys



Slurp slurp Sissy be sure and lick yourself clean!



Breakfast of champions





Sept 16 2020, SC 22, Chasity 1 day, SissyMmarsha says: Lets see what kind of Sissy day this turns out to be!


Sissy waves so powerful sometimes makes me feel so willing!


Who wants to go back


Wow Sissy day!


Sept 15 2020, SC 25, Chasity 1 day, SissyMmarsha says: As during the last Sissy Cycle I find the feelings even more over whelming, but I know I have a ways to go! I’d say at least two more months of this on and off again Sissy, that based on the last two years. No matter what Kram does I just keep cumimg back , but yet not moving a head either  pun intended! It seems this dream I yearned for is left me in Sissy purgatory.



Both Please SissyMmarsha says and today was Sissy bliss.




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