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Is Sissy Mmarsha a cock sucking faggot

Harder harder Daddy he cries!

Sissy Mmarshas Journal


The Sissification of Sissy Mmarsha

Mar 31 2020: Met new friend on Facebook Daisy Taylor and she is so hot! Mmarsha pushes on with little resistance. Her day is basically hers Kram is kept  hanging around to do the tiny little Kram things he does which is so little.
382 1000 - Kram Nosredneh

Mar 30 2020: Mmarsha is here and stronger taking possession of her new domain her nerve is almost unnerving just have a peak and She is so ready to cum out today! breaking news Sissy Mmarsha’s Birthday. March, 30, 2020 12:30 proud parents of a Sissy gurl born ready to suck!

EUOc3jOWAAAx0VH - Kram Nosredneh

Mar 29 2020: Mmarsha is here to stay for a while , I love the new me so much. I hope that …………………………………………

EUDWIenX0AIztCD?format=jpg&name=900x900 - Kram NosrednehThey held me down each one taking their time to slowly insert their cocks all the way up my ass and down my throat. They each tasted different their individual scent mixing with their predecessors and then lingering on my lips . 


Mar 28 2020: I think the caption below shows Mmarshas deep inner feelings for Sissydom today.
EUL6PnNXgAAkv0T?format=jpg&name=small - Kram Nosredneh
This Mmarsha ride has been more intense then before. Like each past episode it will wane and then Kram will straggle onto the scene and purge Mmarshas porn. That action is a complete waste of time. Mmarsha will prevail there is no doubt now ! look she is already spreading her wings below. - Kram Nosredneh

Is Kram Nosredneh, a BBC sucker who’s masculinity was edged away by porn and Mmarsha

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Mar 27 2020:   Yesterday was stronger then the day before . Mmarsha moments become so intense i feel i could scream at  times when she dominates Kram(Mark). Just a wee bit more time left………..then bye bye Kram. Cumin out SissyMmarsha is so exciting and draining…. at the same time.