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You are a hotty.

My philosophy is I feel that women who have feminine sons and husbands should encourage those tendencies in any way possible including with girlish dress. Push or persuade them into becoming sissies. Any wimpy or fem acting males not only should become sissies but really need to become sissies for their own good and for the good of others they my have contact with. I did this with my husband and the rewards have been more than I could have ever wished for. I hope that I will hear from women who take the lead in a variety of ways to gain and keep the upper hand in their relationships with the males in their lives. I also hope other females read this and agree this is in the best interest for everyone.


playing with them selves it must be made clear and strictly inforced,that they must eat their spent semen. This in protein which should not go to waste, so make them eat it! In time this will deter them from molesting ones self and prove to be beneficial in the future for them to accept another mans cum for their consumption if you choose to have them do so. Keeping them in chastity will in force your status as the superior and keep them from playing with them selves.

There are of course many advantages to a woman who sissify the male in their lives. Along the lines of housework, there are also the very personal services for him to perform without reciprocation. All sissy maids should be in chastity fulltime and many either are or have been

There are of course many advantages to a woman who sissify the male in their lives. Along the lines of housework, there are also the very personal services for him to perform without reciprocation. All sissy maids should be in chastity fulltime and many either are or have beenThere are of course many advantages to a woman who sissify the male in their lives. Along the lines of housework, there are also the very personal services for him to perform without reciprocation. All sissy maids should be in chastity fulltime and many either are or have been “neutered” which is becoming more popular. I think neutering a male is best but is should be up to the wife as she sees fit. No need to worry about the wife’s sexual needs as it is common for the wife to take on a lover with a larger cock than her husband had. Again you’re sissy male should not feel threatened at all by this since she is the love of his life and her sexual needs should be fulfilled and he can no longer do it.  The strap on is a regular feature of this lifestyle and so you could expect a vigorous session often with your sissy, this is how his sexual fulfillment is achieved. In time this is what he will prefer for sex and if he is a good sissy she may let him watch her have sex with a man who has a big cock. That should be a privilege for him and not a given. If she feels the sissy needs more sex, in time you will agree with your wife to suck her lovers cock to make it hard for her. I know you will then try to make her lover cum in your mouth just so you can taste him. There should never be any shame in it since this is common for some one in your position to do. In other words it is natural for you to want to suck a big cock and eat a real mans cum. I would expect no less from any neutered or chastised male.

I set up a time for my sissy and a friends sissy to meet and for my sissy male to be trained by her and myself. We went to her home, (I say her home because it was explained to me that he, now known as Sue, was not allowed to own anything). So I went the next week along with my sissy husband and put everything he and I owned in my name. I had him sign an agreement that if he and I divorced he would leave with nothing. I watch as he cried when he signed the papers. When I saw him crying I mentioned to him, I can regress him to baby status if he would prefer since he was being a cry baby. That straightened him up and he signed all the papers with no more incidents.  Going on with his training my sissy has progressed so nicely. He has a new wardrobe and is so submissive I can make him do anything I ask. I wanted to further his humiliation by having him wear satin panties 24/7. I have bought her/him bras and nighties and outward apparel. When we went to the beach a few days in the summer he wore the bottom of an old bikini I had. It was hot pink and had a bow on the front. Women stared and men whistled at him. His face was red so much I thought the sun was burning his skin. A couple of women walked up to us and talked, all the while he never moved or said a word. I found it funny how he avoided looking at them while they checked him out the whole time they talked to me. Wearing his swim bottoms gave him nice tan lines which where visible when ever he was naked. Such a simple thing, sissifying a male for such big rewards. I can not believe more women are not doing this.. Satisfied wife of a sissy husband. “SM”

Carol Queen, sexologist and sex activist, refers to anal play as the great equalizer. She points out that the bum, the anus, the rectum, even the sphincter muscles, can be sites of immense physical and psychological pleasure, and that this pleasure is open to all, regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

For years women, gay and bisexual men, and all manner of kinky folk have explored anal play and thrilled to the potential of this kind of sex. And now, after many years in the closet, straight men are coming out and reclaiming their birth right to explore anal pleasure.

When I first started working in sex stores, there were straight couples who would come in to buy dildos and harnesses to explore male anal penetration. But they were few and far between, and the guy would stand in the opposite corner, nervously watching to see what his partner was buying for him. These days there are books, educational videos, and even toy kits devoted to BOB, and while it can still be nerve wracking at first, guys are warming up to it.

Being penetrated can be a profound emotional, psychological, and spiritual experience. It can also be a lot of breezy fun without deeper meaning. It is what you make it, and you need to find out how it feels best for you if you are interested in giving it a try. Whether you are a guy wanting to be penetrated, or a woman who is interested in flipping the table and being on the other end of the cock, here are some things to consider as you explore.

Get Used to Talking About Sex, You’ll Be Doing Lots More Talking

Any sort of anal play requires tremendous trust and a lot of communication. If you’re interested in checking this out, bring it up and see how your partner feels about it. Choose your time wisely, and be prepared for some hesitation at first. There is an element of role reversal and gender play with BOB, and people can have unexpected reactions at first.

Explore on your Own

If you’re a guy who wants to be penetrated, get comfortable with anal play on your own. You don’t need months of practice before you get a partner involved, but if you’ve never been down that road, check out what’s going on. Get acquainted with your anatomy, and start to incorporate anal pleasure into your masturbation. You’ll be in a better position (no pun intended) to tell your partner what you like and what you don’t if you’ve done a bit of homework beforehand.

Play Together Without Toys

Generally when people talk about BOB they think of a woman strapping on a dildo and lovingly giving it to her fella. Strap on sex can be awesome. But start slow, and with your own body (fingers, etc…). Get some latex gloves and a good quality lubricant and explore with your and your partners fingers. There can be a lot of mystery around anal play, particularly for men, so take some time to get comfortable before you introduce toys.

Go Shopping!

For some of us, this is almost as much fun as the play. If you’ve got a local sex store nearby, take a trip in and check out your options. There are several things to consider when buying a harness and dildo. If you don’t have a store near you, there are plenty of excellent online sex toy retailers that carry hundreds of different dildos and harnesses to suit everyone’s tastes. Email an online retailer you like and ask a few questions. The bestselling educational title Bend Over Boyfriend also has many great shopping tips.

Strap It On

If you’re doing the penetrating, make sure you feel comfortable and in control with your harness and dildo. Practice putting it on and taking it off on your own. You might want to wear your harness and dildo around the house for a while to get a feel for it. Learning to use your hips and/or lower back, your upper legs, and other parts of your body to penetrate your partner can take some time, but the practice can sometimes be the best part.

Safer Strap-on Sex

As with every kind of sex play, give some thought to how BOB play can be safe and fun for both of you. All the regular rules about anal safety apply here. Make sure you clean your toys properly, and most importantly keep talking before, after, and during sex, to make sure that what you’re doing feels good for both of you.
Taking it Deeper with Gender and Role Play

Beyond male anal pleasure, there is a lot to explore in the area of role reversals with BOB. For both partners turning the tables can be a whole new world. It’s a chance to explore the ways you feel masculine and feminine, bottom and top. It’s a chance to attend to your partner in a completely different way. The fact is that in mainstream Western culture “sex” still means man-on-top-penis-in-vagina-over-in-four-and-a-half-minutes sex. Bend Over Boyfriend is a radical sex act, and it comes with deep potential for growth and really hot sex!

While this guide will hopefully be useful to anyone interested in the idea of owning a sissy, a primary goal in writing this is to introduce the idea of sissy ownership to people who are relatively unfamiliar with the concept. Chances are, almost regardless of where you are, there is a potential slave near you who would love nothing more than to be allowed to serve you. And while the seemingly crazy psychology of these extremely submissive (fe)males might feel complex initially, there really are some basic guidelines that will make bringing one (or three) into your life very enjoyable.

If you’re sitting at your computer right now, a bit bored, a little horny, but not feeling like going out...a sissy could be perfect for you. In most situations a sissy won’t replace your primary companion, but they can be a great addition. If you’re a guy, chances are you’re considering whether or not to get a quick fap in tonight before bed. Instead, have a sissy on call. She could be under your desk softly sucking your cock right now as you read.

Ladies, you might love the same kind of attention, or opt instead for a long massage.

No one is more obedient and eager to serve than a sissy, and there are generally no strings attached whatsoever. Have her rub your feet and make you dinner, then tell her to do your dishes and clean up the kitchen before sending her home.

Sound perfect? It’s pretty close.

Sissies are everywhere!! If they weren’t such pansies they would have taken over the world by now. If you already have one in your life you can skip this section, or maybe you want to add a few more to your stable…

While there are a handful of personals sites geared towards this scene, chances are you will have even better luck putting a post on Craigslist or Fetlife. Generally sissies aren’t the most bold bunch, so post your own ad instead of waiting for one of them to create a listing.

Be detailed about what you’re looking for. How often do you want them to be at your house? What services are required? What kind of appearance would you like?

From the very first communication, be direct and confident. You’re in charge. If that bothers them they can get lost. You’re looking for a gurl who will be obedient and responds well to your authority.

Appearance is of course important, but focus initially on attitude. An obedient gurl with a strong desire to please will work hard to look how you want her to if you give her a little time and practice. A lazy sissy who is just looking for a quick thrill will only waste your time.

Your first meeting can be in public if she’s uncomfortable coming directly to your house, but regardless, you should be confident and in charge from the moment you meet. At no point are you equals. How you want her to greet you is up to you, but something along the lines of a polite bow and curtsey (or kneeling if in the privacy of your home) are a good idea to set the correct tone immediately.

If you establish from the very beginning that you are in charge, you will also avoid the awkwardness that often occurs when someone makes the mistake of initially greeting someone as an equal and then having to make the transition into dominant/submissive mode with them.

At the heart of every sissy’s psyche is a need for sexual humiliation. They are most aroused by acts, words, and situations that are unpleasant and degrading. One part of them is irresistibly drawn to things that another part of them finds very distasteful.

It’s a counterintuitive paradox that can be a bit challenging to get your head around at first, so I’ll give a few examples.

Most sissies would consider themselves at least mostly heterosexual, and in general are less attracted to men than to women. However, the very fact that they find sexual acts with men undesirable or possibly degrading also makes those acts very arousing because of the humiliation they entail.

Another example is physical discipline. The sting of a paddle itself is in reality unpleasant, and it’s only because of it’s unpleasantness and humiliating nature that so many sissies are drawn to it.

Confusing, right?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to fully understand or try to relate in order to have a great time with your sissy and give her exactly the treatment she craves.

For most people, the biggest initial hurdle to overcome is a sense of guilt as you learn to interact with her. It’s hard not to feel a little bad as you relax on the couch while she works diligently at scrubbing your bathroom; especially since she gets no tangible reward whatsoever for her efforts. But the key here to remember is that while she is not receiving any payment or physical reward, you are giving her something infinitely greater; something that she could never obtain on her own.

This leads into a key question...what exactly does she want?

And here lies a problem. For most sissies, explicitly telling you exactly how they would like to be treated will make the relationship feel as if they are in control; that they are calling the shots. They need you to be in control at all times.

If they have a blog or other journal, this can be a backdoor way to see the kind of relationship that most appeals to them. Or have them write out what their ideal situation would look like.

But in all this, don’t bend too far to try and appease their fantasies. Fundamentally, this is about you and what you enjoy. Their entire role is to be relegated to being a servant whose sole function is to attend to you and make your life pleasant.

Owning a sissy doesn’t need be complicated or require a huge amount of preparation, but having a few basic principles in place will set a great foundation for a rewarding experience for both of you.

If you only remember one thing in this chapter, make it this one: as soon as a sissy cums, she instantly becomes almost entirely useless. As bizarre as it seems, your sissy is a completely different person ten seconds after an orgasm then she was ten seconds before it. She will no longer be genuinely interested in serving you, and will obey only out of a sense of duty.

You need to control her orgasms. This may not sound especially exciting, depending on your personality, but this small bit of effort on your part is absolutely critical to a having a useful sissy.

At first she may be obedient and abstain from touching herself, but in the long run the only real solution is a chastity device. These can be a bit of a hassle, but make that her problem. Have her research and buy her own device. There’s a fairly good chance she’s already interested in the concept, and she may already have a few devices available.

The security of these devices vary. The more casual ones are sufficient at first, but if your relationship with her shows signs of lasting, you may eventually want to have her graduate to a device that utilizes a piercing or urethral rod. With these she will be completely at your command and unable to escape.

Again, don’t let a sense of guilt alter your behaviour towards her. She will be desperate to cum much of the time, but will gradually adjust to living in a constant state of sexual frustration; excited to be your sissy and eager to please. Orgasms should be very special treats - only permitted in special circumstances, and only when you know you will not be requiring her services for a day or two as her submissiveness returns.

Be clear about your desires in regard to appearance, and don’t be afraid to discipline if she fails to comply. Most owners prefer a sissy shaved smooth from her neck down. Many also want their gurl slender, so weight goals and consequences for failure to meet them can be effective. We’ll cover some of the easiest ways to discipline your sissy later.

If you want her as feminine as possible, make that clear from the beginning and don’t be afraid to punish if you deem her efforts insufficient. Keep in mind that there are limits, and sissies are rarely exceptionally attractive as either males or females. Just make sure she knows what you like and dislike, and that she’s making every effort to meet your tastes.

Sissies will often have a particular attire they are attached to. It’s a good idea to be somewhat accommodating to their fantasies in this regard, but be sure it’s something you also find at least somewhat appealing. Clothing tends to reflect extreme femininity because of it’s emasculating nature, increasing the humiliation of their situation. Have her try french maid costumes, lingerie, pleated skirts and stockings...anything overtly feminine that you would enjoy seeing her in.

Modern society has evolved to stigmatize creating overt luxury for one person at the expense of another, but sissies are one of the few groups of people who seek to live outside that norm. As their owner, you are merely granting their wish to be taken advantage of.



You don’t ever need to have any feeling of self-consciousness or fear of rejection. With a sissy you are free to be fully yourself, telling her exactly how you want to be treated. Be selfish. Be lavishly, unimaginably selfish.

Ever wondered what it would feel like to have your asshole softly licked? Ever had the desire to fuck someone’s throat and watch the mascara run down their cheeks as they gag? How about having your pussy worshipped while you watch tv?

Be honest with yourself as you experiment. Your sissy will thrive on your genuine enjoyment and satisfaction.

Don’t ever feel a sense of pressure though. If all you want is a foot rub, all she gets to do is give you a foot rub. Sex should never be work for you.

And even though this has already been covered, I’ll say it again: don’t let her cum. Her satisfaction comes from being allowed to pleasure you. We’ll cover a little later some ways that you can occasionally allow her a sexual reward, but for the most part you are the only one who gets to have orgasms. Lots and lots of orgasms.

The other most common use for sissies is domestic chores.

Never politely ask a sissy if she would like to complete a task for you. This makes her feel as if she is your equal and is doing your housework of her own volition, making it drudgery.

But if you firmly command her to do something, she will tingle with submissive excitement as she works - especially if she knows there will be consequences if she fails to do the task correctly. More on that later.

The more humiliating the tasks the better, and whenever possible point out to her that a real man would never obediently do these demeaning tasks. Depending on your situation, a sissy may eventually be able to handle the majority of your domestic tasks...laundry, cooking, dishes, cleaning.

If you have her perform a task that has a “masculine” perception, such as mowing the yard, be sure she does it in very feminine attire. Of course, whether or not you want the neighbors seeing a ballerina mowing your grass is up to you.

Modern society has evolved to stigmatize creating overt luxury for one person at the expense of another, but sissies are one of the few groups of people who seek to live outside that norm. As their owner, you are merely granting their wish to be taken advantage of.

There are two kinds of discipline when punishing your sissy, with a bit of grey area in between.

The first is largely symbolic; meant primarily as a means of reminding her of her place. The second is meant to be more purely unpleasant, and is used to alter her behaviour directly.


Let’s start with the first kind.

The symbolism of obediently lowering her panties and bending over is psychologically powerful. It’s a physical sign of deference, and as she looks at the floor with her bare ass in the air, her submissive sissy psyche is fully engaged.

For this reason, it can be a good idea to perform “maintenance” discipline very regularly - even if not merited by any specific behaviour. There are few more effective ways to click her into a submissive mental state.

Implements to be used in this case should be only moderately painful: hairbrush, light crops, belts. The pain level should be adequate to make her squeal a little, but stop short of bringing tears.

Allow some space for creativity. Anything you can think of that sounds humiliating will be perfect for this type of discipline. Make her stand in the corner with her nose to the wall for twenty minutes. (This feels like forever, trust me.) Have her kneel and give one of your doorknobs a richly-deserved blowjob. Gag her and lock her in a dog kennel. Have fun, and be sure to document with photos so she can relive her humiliation later.

The second kind of discipline is meant for genuine behaviour modification, and if done correctly shouldn’t need to be carried out very often. The threat of this kind of punishment if she fails to be on her best behaviour should be looming in the back of her mind at all times. With the correct incentives in place, a sissy will be remarkably perfect in her obedience.

More severe spankings can work for these kinds of discipline, depending on their pain tolerance. Opt for more painful implements, such as a cane or paddle with holes. She should have tears running down her cheeks by the time you’re through with her. If you have nearby neighbors, a gag is probably a good idea.

A method requiring less effort is to have her tuck her little testicles back between her legs as she bends over, and then swatting them with a ruler. You will be impressed by how little it takes to get a sissy squealing and promising to change her ways with this method.

But the easiest punishment by far is simply adding time until her next release from her chastity device. Tell her you’re about to add a week to her time in chastity and her attitude will immediately adjust dramatically. Remember, she’s desperate to cum, and will do almost anything to avoid lengthening the time until her next release.

If the idea of having to discipline someone sounds tiring to you, stick to using just this method. It’s extremely effective, and requires minimal effort on your part.

There are a myriad of other potential means of punishment to keep your sissy on her best behaviour, and her personality and tastes will largely dictate what will be most effective. Experiment, watch how she responds, and enjoy making her squirm and whimper.

You’re the boss!

A sissy’s life shouldn’t be entirely without little selfish pleasures, although they should be very rare compared to yours. Although they do require a small amount of effort on your part, properly spaced rewards will keep your sissy incentivized and even more eager to please.

Her single biggest treat will more than likely be the occasions she is allowed out of chastity. Make sure her next release date is on the calendar, and keep up with moving it later or earlier based on her behaviour. This date will be etched in her mind at all times, as her frustrated little penis squirms inside it’s prison.

The last thing you want to do though is just allow her to run off and privately masturbate as soon as she is free. While some sissies can handle this, many will have waves of guilt and echoes of masculinity surge immediately after masturbating. For their own good, you must ignore their pleas to be allowed to touch themselves freely.

Her only orgasms should be “ruined”. A ruined orgasm is essentially one in which pleasant stroking contact is not present, allowing the cum to ooze out without the intense sensations and emotions of an orgasm with full stimulation. This will leave her feeling somewhat relieved, but if done correctly she will still be slightly horny and unsatisfied. Her sissy psychology will hopefully remain at least partially intact.

Give her the key to her chastity device and allow her to unlock herself. Make sure she knows the consequences will be extreme if she is in the least bit disobedient during this process.

Once unlocked, restrict her hands with cuffs or cable tie behind her back.

From here there are a few different options.

The easiest is to use a vibrator and hold it against the underside of her penis, right where the head meets the shaft. Verbally humiliate her while you hold it there. Tell her this is the only kind of orgasm a sissy like her gets to have, and tell her to hurry up and shoot her little load. The more you can get inside her head with your insults, the quicker this will go. Of course, if you’re enjoying yourself, take your time and even pull the vibrator off when you think she’s getting close to cumming. If you’re feeling especially cruel you can put a time limit on the “treat”, and she goes back in chastity once times expires regardless of whether she has been able to cum.

If she cums from this method, simply pull the vibrator away as soon as her orgasm begins. The cum will still ooze out, but you will have successfully ruined it.

The more “hands on” approach is to give her a traditional handjob and pull away as soon as she starts to cum. This technique isn’t nearly as foolproof though. It’s very easy to stroke just a little too long, giving her a few seconds of “thrusting” orgasm. Even if you let go halfway through this kind of orgasm, she will still have felt the hormone surge and will likely not remain in her sissy mental state.

Whether or not a sissy should ever be allowed a satisfying orgasm is a matter of debate. I personally like the idea of sissies being allowed one full orgasm annually on their birthday, or allowing them one un-ruined orgasm for every one hundred orgasms they give you. This has the added bonus of keeping her extremely excited for opportunities to pleasure you.

A generation or two ago when gender roles were more strictly defined, a “sissy” was the last thing a man wanted to be called. It implied that he was a pathetic weakling, a failure at being masculine during an era when masculinity was the ultimate goal for all males.

These days, in a climate where masculinity is seen as more toxic and dangerous than virtuous and heroic, some men are going out of their way trying to earn the privilege of being called a sissy. They willingly put themselves through a systematic process of physical and psychological self-emasculation known as “sissification.”

Also known as “forced feminization,” Wikipedia describes the sissification process thusly:

…the practice of dressing a submissive partner as a woman and/or encouraging or training a submissive partner to act in a feminine or exaggeratedly feminine (“hyperfeminine”) manner. If assigned male at birth, the submissive partner may be called a “sissy.” Feminization is usually achieved via cross-dressing, where the male is dressed in female attire, ranging from just wearing female undergarments to being fully dressed in very feminine attire, including make-up, hairdress and nail polish. Some males take on tasks, behaviours and roles that are overtly feminine, and adopt female mannerisms and postures in tasks such as sitting, walking, and acting in a feminine manner.

Sissification differs from being transgender in the sense that choice is thought to be involved, not only in “becoming” a woman, but in reversing the process. As opposed to popular notions about being transgender, a sissy isn’t “really” a woman—he’s a man who’s volunteering to have his masculinity destroyed, with the understanding that if he doesn’t go too far in physically altering himself, he can always reverse the process. He isn’t seeking his “true” gender identity; he’s undermining it because erotic humiliation gives him a sexual thrill.

At its root, sissification is also deeply misogynistic because it implies that there’s something weak, pathetic, and humiliating about acting like a woman.

Becoming a sissy requires making changes that are both physical and mental. The physical transformation involves things such as cross-dressing, leg-crossing, laser hair removal, wearing makeup, using female cosmetics, and sitting down to pee. It also involves adopting traditionally feminine mannerisms such as stepping daintily, arching your spine, and swishing your hips. If taken to an extreme, it can also involve female hormone injections and even sexual reassignment surgery.

The psychological transformation involves the utter destruction of one’s masculine identity. Often a man will be required to feminize his name—”Daniel” becomes “Danielle” and “Patrick” becomes “Patricia.”

Sissification also involves mind control through erotic hypnosis in which the sissy-in-training watches videos that glorify the process of worshiping giant cocks that put the would-be sissy’s pathetic little “clitty”—i.e., tiny penis—to shame. He is sternly instructed to gain sexual satisfaction from prostate stimulation rather than penile stimulation and is trained to achieve “sissygasms” by either sitting on dildos or being fucked in the ass.

The aspirant sissy is gradually brainwashed into eroticizing the act of being sexually humiliated and having his manhood mocked. As slogans such as YOU ARE BECOMING A GIRL are flashed across the screen, the would-be sissy learns to be repulsed by all that is submissive and feminine while growing more and more sexually attracted to alpha males and their monster cocks:

You love cum. You want to be a girl. Being girly is what you really want. Admit to yourself that you are a girl and go ahead and do something about it.…Forget about being a man. Embrace the real you. You are a sissy bimbocumslut….

A professional “sissy trainer” describes how she turns males into sissies by snuffing out their masculinity:

I get you there by a mixture of hypnosis, psychological trickery and by leveraging the subject’s own curiosity. The secret is to slowly and gradually help the subject see and accept all the amazing benefits of feminization. By using consistent conditioning and a calm reassuring logic the subject starts to embrace more of their feminine side, and inevitably this grows a desire for a feminine body to match the new improved emerging identity.

Here a former self-identified male describes how his girlfriend systematically sissified him and destroyed his initial resistance:

Soon she added a strap-on to her collection and one that squirted and she would pump lube in my rear end and tell me it was a special estrogen solution that would work its way into my system through my bowel. Then she would insert a butt plug to make the liquid stay in me till I absorbed it.

Honestly I was loving all the attention and the taboo role playing we were doing and I couldn’t have been happier. She switched out the straight porn for gay porn and every day she would only make love to me while I was watching the gay porn and telling her how much I wanted a cock in my mouth and ass and one in each hand….

Often such deliberate “mindfucking” and sexual self-humiliation backfires and leads to guilt, regret, and shame:

I became increasingly ashamed of myself, and after each time I did it, I knew that it was the last straw and that I could not continue doing this. It would literally ruin my whole day and make me want to stay isolated, in irrational fear that people would find out about it if I showed my face anywhere….It’s like I developed an alter ego of “being a sissy,” which all of these sissification hypnosis things encourage oh so much…. I got back home and decided to trash everything I had – the dildo, the plug, the clothes, the weed – everything that only perpetuated this habit and addiction. I woke up the next day, still in shock with what I had done. I couldn’t bring myself to leave my apartment and show my face, again due to that irrational fear of somebody knowing.

It shouldn’t be surprising that some men develop psychological problems as a result of chasing a sexual identity that is based on humiliation and self-hatred. Neither should it be surprising that in a climate which preaches masculinity is innately harmful, many men seek redemption and approval in the act of fleeing their masculinity.

The culture has shifted to the point where “sissy” is no longer the worst thing a man can be called. These days, the worst thing for a man to be called is “manly.”

In other words, we’ve evolved—or devolved, take your pick—to the point where there’s nothing wrong with being a sissy so long as you accept the premise that there’s plenty wrong with being a man. 

Quick Facts About Sissification


The fantasy depends on the idea that feminization is forced, although this is only a fantasy. The sissy makes a conscious choice to be feminized.


Begging to stop the process may be part of the fantasy and roleplaying.


Sissies often wear a chastity cage around their genitals to prevent masturbation.


Sissification differs from “fandom” fantasies in that the person degrading them is usually a male rather than a female.


Maid outfits—and maid activities such as dusting and serving beverages—often play a role in the fantasy.


Unless there have been permanent physical and hormonal changes made, sissification is reversible. 

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