SissyMmarshas Daily Sissy Blog Oct


SissyMmarshas Daily Sissy Blog Oct 


Oct 17 2020 SC 40, chastity day 2, 5:37 am Yesterday was really crazy not sure,but may of fully slipped sides.5,001 Following

just emailed TT 7:11 am.

Oct 16 2020 SC 40? not sure, chastity day 2: 2:57 am Good morning Sissy. I love Pink


The Sissy whirlpool velocity continues to increase in speed and intensity impossible to escape at this point in time. Just need to relax think pink and hold on.

Thought first thing this morning that  this sissy episode would be over today ,but not anymore hold on it is about to step up a notch 
Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh I want it so bad! The Sissy intensity is unbelievable erotically intoxicating definitely can see no way back, but seem to have come up against  an impregnable force field stopping this sissy from moving ahead. 

This is another butterfly wiggling day in the transgender cocoon you always know at this state a sissy larvae does not have long in the sissy-chamber.
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